Underappreciated conlangs

While I try to post daily anyways on my rejistanian blog, I was inspired by this posting for a posting here, on my general purpose blog. We all know the big ideas and big players in the conlanging area: Esperanto, Quenya, Klingon, Ido, Toki Pona, Ithkuil, Kamakawi, Kélen etc. But who else is there?

IMHO, Volapük is one of the more underappreciated conlangs. But it had the great foresight to attempt to make difficult sounds more accessible even for non-europeans. And it seems to be more… tense than Esperanto which can be quite aesthetically pleasing.

Teonaht is another one. I seriously appreciate the dedication to work on a project for more than 40 years. Sally Caves, you are a role model!

Saizai’s gripping language is also very innovative and deserves to be seen more widely. It takes a new idea and runs with it.

These are a few very subjective picks. Who do you think deserves more appreciation?

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  • Bill Chapman  On January 2, 2011 at 9:03 am

    Talking of the big players, you may want to know that there is quite a lot of old Esperasnto (and some Ido)material on eBay at the moment.

    • rejistania  On January 2, 2011 at 6:36 pm

      I own some old Esperanto material, though I would not like to get it from eBay. The public library in Cologne also has some material on it. Ido… rubs me the wrong way from an aesthetic standpoint.

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