Monthly Archives: December 2010

Conlanging intuition

I have to admit that the topic on the Conlang Mailing List was quite interesting to me. If I was more spiritually inclined, I might think that somethings are something In knew from a language of a former life, because they just feel so right. Like the really odd system of rejistanian comparisons. For no-one else, 14 comparisons make probably no sense at all, but forme, it is something which just clicked with the language.

Another thing which sounds so very RIGHT for me is putting the adjectives behind the verb. German does not do this and neither does English (with a few exceptions like ‘something blue’) but for me, this just felt exactly how it should be*. I guess this makes only a very limited amount of sense to anyone else, but sometimes, I do get this feeling about things, not all of them related to conlanging. When for example I discovered Forth, I got the feeling that this programming language actually makes sense. I am sceptic enough to accept that the idea that something like this stems from a former life is not even wrong (ie: so bizarre that it is unfalsifiable), but I like it in the way I like a bizarre plot twist in a story. The Rejistanis however probably are not so sceptic about this and it makes sense that they actually have a word for something like that. *has an idea which completely fits the idea and creates word*

Someone on the list said the feeling that something just clicks is inspiration. Maybe it is related to it, but it misses a component. Inspiration to me is “Hey, I suddenly have a great idea how to do it!”, it is not “Hey, I suddenly have a great idea how to do it and to me it feels as if THIS AND ONLY THIS is right!” (but then, languages cannot and will not cover every nuance in connotation with a different term).

Whatever it is, it is one of the reasons to conlang since it is one of the most satisfying moments which exist.

* I used it so often that I intentionally decided not to use that feature in Tsali.